Belgravia Leisure

Belgravia Leisure is the fastest growing leisure management organisation in Australia and has over 30 years' industry experience. Starting from humble roots, Belgravia's core areas of business and facilities stewardship include health clubs, wellness and spa, accommodation, caravan and campsites, golf, aquatic and sporting venues in 165 locations across Australia and New Zealand. They are proud to partner with 40+ Local Government and State Government authorities.

Website: www.belgravialeisure.com.au

GLG Greenlife Group

GreenLife Group (GLG) is a national leader in property services and open space management.

GLG delivers a broad range of integrated commercial landscape, horticultural and environmental services throughout Australia, including property and grounds maintenance, sports turf, arboriculture, and development of sustainable solutions.

Celebrating 25 years providing tailored and customised solutions to clients nationally, GLG is a dedicated open space specialist.

Website: www.glgcorp.com

Lark Industries

Lark Industries is a family owned and operated Australian business and one of the leading suppliers of multi-generational play and exercise equipment nationally.

We boast a wide range of interactive, senior-specific and destination-level play, sport and exercise solutions and offer the freedom to either tailor an existing product to your specific requirements or to develop an entirely new and unique solution for your site or project.

Website: www.larkindustries.com.au

Softfall Testing

Our mission at Softfall Testing is to ensure that all play spaces comply with the Australian Standards to minimise the risk of injury to playground users. We achieve this by carrying out complete playground replacement planning, routine/operation/comprehensive inspections, impact attenuation surface testing and maintenance.

Website: www.softfalltesting.com.au

Street Furniture Australia

Street Furniture Australia's mission is to bring enjoyment to all those who create, build, maintain and use public places. They believe street furniture plays a central role in animating and connecting places, ensuring they are vital, accessible and enriching for the community. Since 1986 they have furnished more than 35,000 places in Australia and around the globe.

Website: www.streetfurniture.com


Continuous improvement of greenspaces with less maintenance continues to be the goal for Syngenta. The technology and products that help deliver the community high quality sporting fields include BARRICADE and ACELEPRYN where a single application can provide season long grub and weed control. In addition, PRIMO MAXX provides greener, more resilient turf that requires less mowing.


WillPlay is an Australian manufacturer of play and fitness equipment, designed for Australian conditions. Offering a full design and construct service, WillPlay can take your next project from dreams to reality. Featuring extensive use of premium materials and recycled plastics, WillPlay offer a true coastal specification on all equipment.

Website: www.willplay.com.au

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