Jade Hameister OAM

Jade Hameister OAM

Jade Hameister began her quest to complete the Polar Hat-Trick in April 2016 at the age of 14, when she became the youngest person in history to ski to the North Pole from anywhere outside the last degree.

Jade became the youngest woman to complete the 550 km crossing of Greenland, the second largest ice cap on the planet unsupported and unassisted, completing the journey at 15 years of age.

In January 2018, at age 16, Jade skied 600km from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole unsupported and unassisted, after an epic 37-day journey via a new route through the Transantarctic Mountains and up the Kansas Glacier, from the Amundsen Coast.

In finishing the incredible journey, Jade has set a number of world records including: The youngest person to ski from the coast of Antarctica to South Pole unsupported and unassisted; The first Australian woman in history to ski coast to South Pole unsupported and unassisted; The first woman to set a new route to the South Pole unsupported and unassisted; The youngest to ski to both Poles; and The youngest to complete the Polar HatTrick.

Jade's message has been heard across the world at TEDx, SOLVE and even the Vatican, where she served as the Oceania Youth Representative.

She is currently an Optus Ambassador, alongside Usain Bolt and Ian Thorpe and featured in Facebook Inc's "Credit Her" global campaign on International Women's Day. In late 2018, she was the subject of a feature-length movie by National Geographic Channel focusing on Jade's polar journeys and bringing to light the issues around global warming.

Jade was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for service to Polar Exploration in 2019 and has been named Young Adventurer of the Year by the Australian Geographic Society on two occasions. She has also been recognised by Vogue magazine as one of the year's Game Changers; was the first "Teen Titan" to be interviewed in New York on the CBS, Megan Kelly Show and was awarded the "Fierce Spirit" Women of Style award by Instyle magazine.

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