Steve Pallas

Steve Pallas

CEO & Founder, Sports Community, VIC Australia

Steve Pallas is the founder and CEO of Sports Community. Over the last decade Steve has been working closely with government and peak sports bodies with only one goal in mind - making it as easy as possible for community sports club volunteers.

Steven's unique understanding of community sport, his ability to predict future trends and issues combined with his previous experiences as the CEO of one Australia's largest AFL leagues and a very successful career as a financial services executive makes him highly sought after as a media commentator, conference presenter and sports consultant.


Guiding, Empowering and Supporting Sports Clubs Post COVID-19

COVID -19 was the ultimate disruptor. Like a cyclone moving through a region, the impacts of COVID will be massive for community sports and felt long after the world returns to "normal".

In community sport, COVID shut down our clubs, it locked people at home and forced them to use their time differently. In many cases, generations of volunteering habits were broken.

In the short term, volunteers have not returned to their clubs in their pre COVID numbers meaning that across Australia, we will have the highest shortage of experienced volunteers in the history of Australian sport. Many long-term, experienced volunteers who have returned post COVID have informed their clubs that 2021 will be their last year serving as volunteers. Without action, clubs have and will continue to close simply because they do not have the volunteers willing to run their clubs.

This presentation will examine strategies, actions and case studies of how LGAs and peak sport organisations can guide, support and empower their clubs post COVID.

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