Sebastian Pfautsch

Dr Sebastian Pfautsch

Associate Professor for Urban Studies, Western Sydney University, New South Wales Australia

Associate Professor Sebastian Pfautsch works in the field of Urban Studies at Western Sydney University. He develops trans-disciplinary research around the complex issue of urban heat. While the core of his work is concerned with the physical functions and services delivered by urban green infrastructure, his applied projects deal with heat mitigation far beyond trees, scaling from playgrounds to schools, and streets to suburbs. He has worked extensively with private industry, local and state government organisations across Australia. His high-quality research output is documented in the form of more than 80 peer-reviewed research papers, technical reports and journal articles.


Australia's First Dedicated UV-Smart, Cool Playground

A very large proportion of public playgrounds across Australia does not provide adequate shade. Not only does this situation lead to a greater exposure of children (and their parents/carers) to harmful UV radiation, unshaded playground equipment and ground surfaces can become a burn hazard when left baking in the sun. The first part of this presentation will give an overview how techniques used in environmental and material science help to improve playground safety. The second part will explain how scientific evidence, expert advice, industry and government support was brought together to deliver Australia's first UV-smart, cool playground to a community in Western Sydney.

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