Ryan Longford & Ieuan Hook

Ryan Longford

Sales Manager, Lark Industries, VIC Australia

Ryan is a specialist in play & exercise equipment for all ages. Ryan has expert knowledge across equipment design, consultation and installation, through partnerships with Landscape Architects and Local Government, specifically for outdoor environments. Previously, Ryan has worked in the manufacturing industry in bespoke sheetmetal fabrication as a Sales Manager, and graduated from The University of Technology, Sydney, with a degree in Commerce & International Business. Ryan has participated in several training sessions in Europe, with Lark's respective partners; Yalp, Lappset and Spiel-Bau, to ensure he is continually equipped to understand the nuances of their designs, engineering and manufacturing processes.

Ieuan Hook

Director, Hook Consulting, WA Australia

Ieuan is the director of Hook Consulting - a smart cities, urban design and town planning company out of Perth, Western Australia.

Hook Consulting was developed with the aim of assisting government agencies, private entities, not-for-profit organisations and local governments integrate smart technology into their design and planning projects with the vision of creating smarter cities for the future.

Ieuan graduated with a first class honours degree studying at Curtin University (Urban and Regional Planning) and the City University of Hong Kong (Architecture and Civil Engineering). Professionally Ieuan has worked both nationally and internationally, completing various city shaping projects.


Play in our Smart City Future

In these modern times, technology keeps us connected, educated, and informed, however the park has remained a thriving space, largely disconnected from the technological, 'outside world'.

Perceptions are changing, and we are seeing the emergence of modern technologies into the public park, providing invaluable and limitless opportunities, in ways never considered. Wi-Fi provided a logical foundation, which has evolved into a complex network of devices/tech imbedded within irrigation, green walls, water management/metering, energy generation, signage, waste management, amenities, among others.

Play is equally evolving, with a bridge now existing between the digital and physical worlds. Play can now be monitored, measured, and updated in real time like never before, offering play experiences through sensory engagement, including touch, sound and light in unique and exciting ways. Technology in play provides new choices and importantly complements rather than substitutes the traditional play we have all grown to love.

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