Rob Walton

Rob Walton

Managing Director, Accelerate Play Australia NSW Australia

Rob Walton has been a jackeroo, a boat "yardy", a counsellor, a multimedia and corporate business developer and entrepreneur, "I'm passionate about sport and games and getting young people active- because I know the massive benefits to children and the community".


Getting kids more active

With global investment dollars in recreation and leisure time options almost exclusively pumped into sedentary and screentime options and not into innovating active recreation facilities, is it any wonder we have youth and community health issues related to inactivity?

If current active recreation facilities were a car, they would be seen as "under-performing" because they are not achieving what they are supposed to.

We install active recreation facilities to do what? Improve whole population health and wellbeing outcomes, right? Well, the stats say the current models are not working.

As a rule, we tend to default to conventional wisdom. I ask you; how much, in the past 35 years, has been all convention and no wisdom? And at what cost?"

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