RJ Houston

RJ Houston

National Manager - Aquatics, Royal Life Saving - Australia, NSW Australia

RJ Houston is the National Manager - Aquatics at Royal Life Saving Australia and has worked in various roles in aquatic facility operations and management in both regional and metropolitan settings and across both management and government organisations. RJ's areas of interest have revolved around aquatic risk and safety having experience in occupational health and safety management systems, quality assurance management systems and risk management policy, implementation and consulting. RJ currently oversees the development of the Royal Life Saving Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations and convenes the National Aquatic Industry Committee. RJ is currently undertaking an MBA.


Health, Social and Economic Benefits of the National Aquatic Industry

The aquatic industry is a key contributor to the economic, social and health outcomes of the community. Supported by lifeguards, public aquatic facilities provide a safe environment for people to familiarise themselves with water enabling visitors to develop important aquatic survival skills in a low risk environment. These centres require government funding and support in order to continue to operate and to continue providing benefits to Australians.

The local pool has always been highly valued by Australian communities, but it's contribution to the economic, social and health outcomes of Australians has become critical in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 has:

  • increased the number of drownings,
  • slowed economic growth,
  • increased sedentary behaviour, and
  • taken a toll on Australian's mental health.

The aquatics industry will be a key pillar in rebuilding local communities and improving health outcomes, all while contributing to Australia's economic recovery.

This presentation will cover the findings of a research / thought leadership piece underway with Royal Life Saving Australia and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

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