Mitchell Robinson & Liam Richer

Mitchell Robinson

Vice-President, Australian Parkour Association, WA Australia

Mitch is a Perth based Parkour Practitioner and Coach at Perth Parkour. Over his four years in the Parkour landscape he has been involved with international qualification programs, state Parkour governance and now national Parkour governance with the Australian Parkour Association. His focus within these bodies has been to support the affiliate and local communities to up-skill instructors and facilitate classes for youth and adults that are interested in exploring their urban landscape in a unique, safe and fun way. Mitch teaches to share his passion for movement and hopes to give you some insight into this love for movement.

Liam Richer

President, Australian Parkour Association, WA Australia

Liam has been on the jump train for about a decade and it's showing no sign of stopping. His focus is on building strong and inclusive communities and believes that Parkour is absolutely for everyone. Outside of Parkour, Liam is an entrepreneur and engineer and hopes to leverage that experience to deliver some great outcomes for the communities.


Parkour - Reconnection Redefined

Parkour is a training discipline born in France in 1988 to facilitate fun, safe and efficient movement through an urban environment. From these humble beginnings, the discipline has developed into a recognised sport and spread across the world.

The Australian Parkour Association works for its members to facilitate teaching through affiliates, and advocate for the development of Parkour. Thus, when the European Parkour Equipment Standard was adopted in Australia in late 2020, the APA saw this as an opportunity to reach out locally and nationally to encourage development of Parkour facilities with the added confidence of knowing that there is now a recognised standard providing coverage from a liability perspective.

With new facilities, Parkour stands to reconnect youth with the world around them, reconnect all participants with a new sporting activity promoting health and wellbeing, and reconnecting ourselves with our community as we share in our passion for movement.

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