Mike Hewson

Mike Hewson

Mike Hewson, Designer, NSW Australia

Mike Hewson BE (Hons), MFA, MIEAust is a visual artist who recently completed two large-scale public art playgrounds. His award-winning projects pioneer new ways to merge conceptual art projects into the public realm by working closely with local government organisations.


The Public Art Playground 2: A Case Study on Art Reconnecting Community

Sculptures tend to make the best play equipment, yet artists are rarely invited to design playgrounds (in a way that goes beyond token decoration)." This observation was presented at the 2019 PLA conference, alongside recommendations of how local government organisations can deliver successful public artworks that functionally operate as playgrounds.

In the sequel we look in detail at my recent sculpture-park-come-playground titled "St Peters Fences" as a case study for how these types of projects can connect community in a unique way. From hands-on concept design collaboration with local schools, to exclusively using local recycled materials, working with local historians, and making design changes mid-construction to accommodate real-time community feedback. We'll look at ambitious yet pragmatic approaches and tools for delivering similar projects in your community.

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