Michael De Luca

Michael De Luca

Business Development Manager ANZ - Turf & Landscape, Syngenta Australia Pty LTD, NSW Australia

Michael's broad background in Agronomic management and planning. He draws on a range of industry sectors including Golf Courses, Sports fields, Race courses and community parks. Michael beings a wealth of practical skills and knowledge to support the industry in planning and development to deliver optimized results. Michael has developed a very practical approach that combines science with practical applications and planning. With his appointment as Technical Manager for Syngenta Australasia, Michael brings together our broad industry to support it though Syngenta's industry stewardship and world leading research and development.


Enabled Increasing Sportsfield Durability while Achieving More with Less

Co-presented with a Local Government Open Space Manager that has been utilising these tools for a few years and will share his experiences and learnings, as well as the benefits they have seen from initiating proactive preventative programs. Taking control of weed and pest challenges before they become issues will improve the turf quality and durability, and allow strategic allocation of resources.

A recent study in Sydney conducted by Dr Mick Batten highlighted that the poor standard of playing fields was not necessarily directly correlated with player numbers, but that basic agronomic issues were the cause of most turf loss, predominantly the prevalence of weeds and pests. With increased patronage on ovals and rate capping this is leading to a double-edged sword where expectations are becoming unrealistic on quality of sportsfield surfaces.

This presentation gives clarity and guidance in controlling what you can control (weeds, pests and turf density) providing a strong base to provide a sportsfield surface that can keep up with increase demand and meet public and facility user's expectations. Delegates will also learn how to do this utilising lowest schedule tools with the longest lasting efficacy available, leading to continued improvement in management practices by HSE mitigation to employees and the community.

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