Maxime Boutaghou Courtemanche

Maxime Boutaghou Courtemanche

Urban Research Associate, Place Score, NSW Australia

Maxime is an Urban Research Associate at Place Score. He has spent the last three years using community insights to help create better main streets and more liveable neighbourhoods across Australia. His work focuses mostly on urban strategy and placemaking.


Community Insights From The 2021 Australian Liveability Census

Parks and open spaces, and shared amenities play a vital role in the liveability offered by our neighbourhoods, but not all are made equal. Different communities value different aspects of place, making it even more challenging to resolve similar issues in our diverse communities.

This presentation will explore the findings of the 2021 Australian Liveability Census. Run between March and June, the research project collected thousands of community insights from every State and Territory.

Community members across Australia shared what they value in their ideal neighbourhood and how parks and open spaces impact the liveability of their area, providing a baseline against which change can be tracked. The findings identify similarities and differences across our cities and regions, considerations for designers and planners, and investment areas for local governments.

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