Matthew Daniel

Matthew Daniel

CEO, Global Urban Forest, Victoria Australia

Matthew has over 25 years of experience in the international Urban Forest/ Arboriculture Industries. scholarship Arborist with Launceston City Council led to overseas placement with Boston Tree Preservation on an H1Residency Visa for three years and has worked on Soil rehabilitation projects in China and Laucala Island Resort - Fiji. His Career has developed him into an international specialist collaborator, co-author of Urban Forest Environmental Sensing with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), PhotosynQ Beta tester with - Michigan State University, Kramer Labs. Currently, Matthew is working with McGregor Coxall on Climate Resilience Strategy for Bristol City UK.


Blue - Green (Living) Infrastructure. Quantifying Plant and Soil Health in City of Hume

Living Infrastructure is where Blue - Green (Living) comes together to provide functional, measurable, and optimised essential services to Urban Environments. It is where the rubber meets the road, using natural systems in Climate Resilience.

Blue (Water Cycle) + Green (Plant & Soil Health) = Living Infrastructure.

Urbanisation has broken many natural systems. Disconnected water Cycles and Poor Plant & Soil Health catalyse into low function Urban Forests.

Living Infrastructure is a paradigm shift in Civil and Horticulture industries and where they come together, to successfully collaborate, develop and deliver Climate Resilient outcomes.

As temperature rise accelerates highly functional Living Infrastructure will increase in value. It will become one of the most important essential service assets in Cities.

Living Infrastructure is about optimising Plant Health and function so plants can be used as machines to do things like pump stormwater and cool air and land temperatures. The key is in Optimising Plant and Soil Health and repairing Hydrological Cycles.

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