Mark Chatman

Mark Chatman

Sales Manager, KOMPAN, QLD Australia

Mark has over 14 years of experience within the parks and leisure sectors and is a respected Board Member of Play Australia.

As a passionate runner and community athletics volunteer, Mark truly understands the physical and social benefits that being active outdoors can do for one's overall well-being.


Activating the inactive through quality outdoor fitness spaces

Globally, 33% of the population is inactive. Sedentary activity is one of the leading factors for global mortality. Exercising outdoors provides many health benefits, including mental and physical well-being, combats socioeconomic inequalities, promotes socialisation and inclusion, which ultimately reduces Government healthcare costs.

Research by the KOMPAN Fitness Institute highlights people desire to be more active; however, unnecessary barriers, namely time, money, and inadequate outdoor fitness spaces, contribute to higher inactivity levels. Findings from a six-day, 161 response survey at Sundby Sports Park in Copenhagen concluded the fitness park persuaded locals to adopt an active lifestyle, including 23% of respondents going from inactive to active and overall united the community.

COVID-19 encouraged Australians to get active outdoors, emphasising that accessible, high-quality, and functional outdoor fitness sites are critically important for the parks and leisure industry. Planners, Designers and Governments need to consider this when designing community recreational facilities.

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