Liam Cole

Liam Cole

Open Space Planner, Wellington Shire Council, VIC Australia

Having worked in local government for many years in the planning, development and maintenance of open spaces, Liam has always had a desire to improve the provision and development of public open space and the opportunity for the community to better connect with these significant public assets.

In 2015, Liam became a member of the PLA Vic/Tas Regional Council where he has been an active contributor to supporting the knowledge sharing across the parks sector.


Pump Tracks and connecting communities through passive recreation

For over 20 years skate parks have been seen as the panacea for providing youth play opportunities in our communities. While skating, scooting and riding are clearly still popular activities, skate parks are considered in parts of our communities as unsuitable places for families and children to be physically active.

In 2018, Wellington Shire Council made a significant improvement to the existing Sale Skate Park to cater for a wider demographic of the community. This change drove requests from the community for improvements to "their" skate parks and led to the development of Wellington first dedicated strategically focussed Youth Play Plan.

In 2019, Council engaged the Heyfield community as a first step that ultimately led to the planning and delivery of the first of what would become five pump tracks to be delivered across the Shire in 2020/21.

The presentation will detail the community involvement, engagement and activation of the spaces, as well as key learnings from the construction of these new assets and managing projects during a challenging year.

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