Lesley Humphreys

Lesley Humphreys

Director, Paws4Play/LMHConsulting, Vic Australia

Lesley is a strategic planner and policy writer who specialises in animal management, open space and recreation service planning. Lesley is recognised as 'dogs in public places' specialist and has presented to ICTA, AIAM, PLA conferences and webinars. Lesley now works primarily with councils:

  • writing dog off-leash provision and service plans
  • writing dog off-leash policy
  • assessing/reviewing off-leash areas
  • reviewing off-leash local laws
  • writing Management Plans for fenced off-leash areas
  • writing Domestic Animal Management Plans
  • designing fenced off-leash areas (dog parks)


Dog Off-Leash Areas - The Policy and Planning Imperative

A lack of a comprehensive dog off-leash policy and strategic plan means many councils are investing in dog parks without an understanding of:

  • risk management implications, particularly as they relate to poorly controlled dogs, dog bites, unattended dogs, children
  • relevant human and dog behaviour
  • the management and maintenance implications
  • how to appropriately respond to community demand.

There is currently a rush into building these facilities often on political and emotive grounds, and because some councils have a fear of lagging behind what are through to be successful and current trends.

As a result, we are experiencing ad hoc decision-making that is not grounded in an understanding of the wider policy and operational context. It is also evident that, in some cases, decision-making is being driven by the wrong internal stakeholders and there is often a lack of knowledge of these stakeholders as to the wider context.

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