Kylie Legge

Kylie Legge

CEO and Founder, Place Partners

Kylie Legge is a leading voice in the evolving profession of placemaking. She is an architecture graduate, planner, author, facilitator, and entrepreneur. She is the CEO and founder of Place Partners placemaking consultancy and world-leading Place Measurement company Place Score. Kylie has been a place maker for over 15 years, working on projects across Australia, in Asia and the Middle East; and at a range of scales from main street to mall, to mixed-use developments and the whole of city projects. Her interests lie in the relationship between people and their urban environments.


Please, just a nice place to sit…

Placemaking and increasing investment in the shared spaces of our neighbourhoods, towns and cities presents an opportunity to re-focus on the social infrastructure that connects people to their places. Kylie will share findings from her chapter in the recently published Routledge Handbook of Placemaking 'Public seating - small important places' with real-world examples of not only what not to do but also some of the best examples of public seating that builds trust, increases social connection and supports local economies.

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