Kim Krebs

Kim Krebs

Manager Community Partnerships, Green Adelaide (Dept Environment & Water) , SA Australia

Kim Krebs has over 25 years experience working in the sphere of community activation for environmental stewardship. Kim's nature based behaviour change expertise has been shaped by her work spanning from the community based Landcare movement through Local, State and Australian government natural resources management programs. Kim is Manager Community Partnerships for the Green Adelaide Landscape Board, who's purpose is to make the people and city of Adelaide greener, cooler, wilder and climate resilient. She wants to be at the start of a movement, where people are capable of playing their role in creating a sustainable future for all.


Green Adelaide

South Australia is a hot, dry state where 80% of the population live in the capital city that is increasing in density. Green Adelaide is an emerging urban-based natural resource management organisation responding to the needs of our natural, built and human environment, which is getter increasingly hotter and drier. Green Adelaide links an ambitious vision with tangible action to make Adelaide a cooler, greener, wilder and resilient place.

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