Karen Jones

Karen Jones

Chief Executive,Office of Sport, New South Wales Australia

Karen Jones is the Chief Executive of the New South Wales Office of Sport. Karen and her team at the Office of Sport seek to build active communities across the state of NSW.

As Chief Executive, Karen's most notable achievements include the delivery of a new Strategic Plan for 2020-2024; improving the financial position of the organisation; merging Government's sport and entertainment agencies to create Venues NSW; the continuation of the "Active Kids" voucher program; the development of the Action Plans for "Her Sport Her Way", Reconciliation Action Plan and the implementation of the Regional Sport and Active Recreation Plans.


Implementation of Reconciliation Action Plan for the NSW Office of Sport

The lands in which our community lives, works, plays and enjoys sport and active recreation sit on the land of the oldest continuing civilization and culture known to humanity - that of our nation's first people. The Office of Sport works closely with Aboriginal communities across the whole state, promoting participation and active recreation and helping to address barriers to participation. It is important the Office of Sport leads by example to the sport and active recreation sector in positively impacting Aboriginal communities and engaging with their families and communities. Our inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan represents the Office of Sport vision for the future of reconciliation by paying respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, acknowledging past and ongoing disadvantage and injustices, and outlining the actions we are committed to in working towards achieving our vision for reconciliation.

The Office of Sport has now formalised our commitment to reconciliation. The foundations of our Reconciliation Action Plan began in 2018 following consultations with Aboriginal staff, who between them had over 100 years of experience in the sport and active recreation sector. It was further developed during 2019 and 2020 by the Working Group in conjunction with the Advisory Committee. Extensive consultation with both internal and external stakeholders took place to help shape the Reconciliation Action Plan to embed an inclusive, collaborative and respectful culture in everything undertaken by the Office of Sport.

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