Dr John Tower

Dr John Tower

Honorary Research Fellow, Victoria University ,Vic Australia

Dr. John Tower has been working in the leisure, recreation and sport industry for 40 years with a particular interest in community leisure participation and the delivery of community leisure services. His research has usually focused on leisure management and has been designed to assist community leisure managers to improve how they manage leisure, recreation and sport programs, facilities and services. His involvement in leisure and recreation academia is driven by a keen interest in the capacity of positive leisure experiences to contribute to a community's quality of life and health.


Assessing outcomes from community leisure experiences

Measuring and assessing the outcomes from community leisure experiences remains one of the significant challenges for the park and leisure industry. We know that individuals gain a range of benefits from their leisure experiences but assessing the outcomes across the community can be fraught with uncertainty. There are a range of initiatives in both academic and community settings that are working to measure leisure outcomes. Summaries of existing approaches will be provided, and the workshop will also draw on participants' experience regarding how they measure and report the outcomes of their community leisure programs, facilities and services. Sharing an understanding of how personal, social, economic and environmental benefits are assessed and reported will help our industry to adopt more effective approaches and provide a foundation for improved assessment of outcomes across the leisure industry.

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