Joe Dalberger & Miranda Wilkinson

Joel Dalberger

Senior Environmental Engineer, McGregor Coxall, New South Wales Australia

Joel is an environmental engineer at McGregor Coxall with experience in Australia and abroad across civil infrastructure, water and public domain projects. Joel's expertise in blue-green infrastructure and nature-based solutions is combined with placemaking design skill to achieve balanced and holistic environmental, social, and economic outcomes for cities and communities.

Miranda Wilkinson

Landscape Architect and Associate Director, McGregor Coxall, New South Wales Australia

Miranda is a Landscape Architect and Associate Director at McGregor Coxall committed to the ethos of sustainability, diversity, equality, and forward-thinking design solutions. Miranda has extensive experience working across urban design and landscape architecture projects, developing award-winning masterplans, environmentally responsive landscapes and effective urban strategies in public and private domains.


From golf course to nature reserve: Elsternwick Nature Reserve

The transformation of former Elsternwick Golf course into a flourishing parkland and nature reserve is the realisation of a shared vision driven by Bayside City Council, local community organisations, and other key stakeholders.

Elsternwick Nature Reserve Masterplan unites landscape, recreational parklands, nature-based solutions, and Water Sensitive Urban Design, benchmarking achievements in regional water management, ecological resilience, and public amenity through a functional yet elegant design.

Aside from positive environmental contribution, the design story fosters extensive community engagement. Embodying a 'Caring for Country' philosophy through collaboration with Traditional Owners, the masterplan creates meaningful, positive societal contributions that extend beyond site boundaries.

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