Jennifer O'Meara

Jennifer O'Meara

Parklands Ecologist, Sydney Olympic Park Authority, NSW Australia

Jennifer O'Meara has a keen interest in urban biodiversity and its relevance to increasing the liveability and health of urban environments. At Sydney Olympic Park, Jennifer has been coordinating the ecological monitoring and citizen science programs for many years. Along with her team, she has led restoration and habitat enhancement programs to maintain the rich biodiversity of Sydney's largest urban park, including those for the endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog.


Managing for biodiversity in an urban green space - mixing citizen science with adaptive management

Today, Sydney Olympic Park is 25-years into a restoration project considered best practice in management of urban biodiversity. It supports endangered ecological communities and species, and a high abundance and diversity of native plants and animals that are now uncommon in the Sydney region. Sydney Olympic Park Authority applies an active ongoing ecological monitoring and habitat enhancement program, addressing historical damage and fostering long-term resilience. This presentation describes how the Park balances the demands for recreation while retaining habitat for a diverse range of fauna species, including threatened species.

  • Citizen science has played a large role in this program facilitating community involvement, support and education over 17 years;
  • Regular monitoring, use of a multi-skilled team and an adaptive management strategy are crucial to ensuring retention of habitat values;
  • We promote a conservation ethic throughout the industry by striving for world's best management practices of all parks facilities, open space and environment.

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