Dr Jeff Walkley

Dr Jeff Walkley

CEO/National Disability & Diversity Manager, Belgravia Foundation/Belgravia Leisure, VIC Australia

Jeff has dual roles as CEO of Belgravia Foundation, and National Disability & Diversity Manager with Belgravia Leisure. Through both roles, he has dedicated himself to providing leadership toward organizational change leading to leisure facilities that welcome, support and include all, irrespective of a person's background or ability. Key to this has been innovation to train staff toward improved confidence and capability to support inclusion, as well as systems that embed inclusion into the core of operational procedures and policies of leisure facility management.


Mental Health eLearning Program: evidence-based, free, accessible and successful mental health program supporting leisure and community sport workers, volunteers and participants to improve their own, and others health.

Nationally, mental illness (MI) is the main reason people visit a GP, and is most prevalent among youth and young adults. The leisure and community sport sector have been drastically impacted by COVID-19, leading to concerns for the mental health of people in these sectors. Research has proven engagement in exercise ameliorates MI. Responding to the needs of leisure and community sport sector workers, volunteers and participants in Australia and New Zealand, Belgravia Foundation and Belgravia Leisure, with the support of 20 partnering organisations and the guidance of international experts, created the Take Charge Mental Health eLearning Program. Outcomes have revealed substantial improvements in the knowledge, understanding and confidence of workers and volunteers related to key mental health matters, strategies and supports. Key to the success of these programs has been training designed to improve the confidence and capacity of workers and volunteers to support their own and others (customers, members, family, friends) mental health. .

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