Denis Pontin

Denis Pontin

Managing Director, RMP & Associates, New South Wales Australia

Denis is a Life Member of PLA. He specializes in aquatic centres, fitness and leisure centre feasibility, design and management. His approach is to research and develop a Business Case that drives the design and management of facilities. He has a long list of successful centres. Clients include Councils, clubs and schools throughout Australia.


Assets Issues and Opportunities - what have we learnt over the last 40 years?

As local governments, schools and clubs are struggling to meet increased demand for facilities and programs that are relevant to their communities existing underperforming assets and new opportunities are being closely examined.

This session will provide an overview of how aquatic and leisure centres have developed over the last four decades with examples from around Australia. Opportunities will be provided for participants to share their experiences in adapting, developing and expanding existing assets and outlining new and innovative developments.

The session will explore how management impacts outcomes for the "owner" f the asset and the customer experience. An open discussion on the advantages of outsourcing and in-house management in delivering environmental, social and financial outcomes to the community will be part of the session.

The current trends in design, use of technology, impact of social media and integrating service delivery with commercial and not-for-profit organizations will be explored with some examples from Australia and overseas.

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