David Burns

David Burns

CEO Collective Leisure, Director David Burns Consulting, NSW Australia

David Burns is the founder and CEO of Collective Leisure, Australia's first social enterprise leisure management company certified by Social Traders and is Director of David Burns Consulting.

David has worked in the leisure and wellness industry in England and Australia for over 21 year for local government, private sector and sport.

David has a proven reputation for building inclusive, healthy communities and has a passion for delivering universal services that meet diverse needs.

David works on two parallels - delivering on the ground in communities and working with government and peak bodies at a strategic and policy level.


Proportionate universalism and systems thinking: Reducing health inequalities of communities

The system is broken, we are now unhealthier than ever before and it's getting worse.

There are many factors which influence the health and well-being of communities. Ones that are beyond the current remit of businesses in the leisure industry. These are called the social determinants of health.

Instead of the commercial outputs being the primary focus of facilities, Government and leisure providers need to shift the focus to universal services that meet diverse needs.

In this presentation concepts such proportionate universalism and systems thinking will be shared. That if combined provide an alternative future creating inclusive healthy communities.

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