Dr Chris Boulton

Dr Chris Boulton

Founder & Managing Director, The CityGreen Lab Pty Ltd, QLD Australia

Chris Boulton is the Founder and Managing Director of The CityGreen Lab and Research Fellow with the Sustainability Research Centre (University of the Sunshine Coast) and Cities Research Institute (Griffith University). Chris' qualifications in landscape architecture, environmental planning, and criminology underpin almost 30 years professional experience in urban greenspace provision. An honorary Fellow of Australia's Institute of Landscape Architects, recipient of an Endeavour Research Fellowship and Parks and Leisure Australia's 2020 Research Awards, Chris is an award-winning researcher. Chris shares international research and practice insights pursuing a better approach to providing municipal urban greenspace as PLA's Executive Officer - Qld.


A 'tug of war' between more parks or better greenspace: The dilemma of meeting 'community expectations' with limited resources

Much is understood about the demand for more urban greenspace - the benefits and services greenspace afford our human habitats and global biodiversity. Much less is appreciated concerning the challenges of supplying urban greenspace at a municipal level. Employing an in-depth case study, we investigate the perspectives of elected officials and local government officers towards greenspace provision in a rapidly growing, mid-sized Australian city. In determining greenspace provision, three clusters of factors are particularly instructive:
  • (i) community expectations;
  • (ii) governance tools; and
  • (iii) financial resources.
The findings point to a critical issue for scholars, planners, and urban policymakers: providing urban greenspace cannot be simply reduced to a matter of inadequate resources - community expectations are a pivotal and often over-looked factor shaping urban greenspace provision. Greenspace planning practice must evolve from a one-size fits-all-approach to acknowledge the tension between supply and demand. and deliver urban greenspace aligned with community expectations.

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