Alex Simmons

Alex Simmons

State Manager - Sales and Customer Experience, Belgravia Leisure, VIC Australia

Alex Simmons has worked in the fitness, leisure and recreation industries for 18+ years, currently employed as the State Manager Customer Experience with Belgravia Leisure.

Alex has specialised in initiating and delivering sustained results and effective change across organisations in Australian and international markets.

Alex has a reputation for building, retaining and evolving high performing teams and a proven track record of successfully turning around underperforming businesses and elevating established businesses to the next level.


Staying Connected with Communities and Staff: The key to economic sustainability post-COVID-19

With government mandated closures, record cancellations and all-time lows in employee and consumer confidence, it was imperative that we, as a business, considered the way we were communicating, and the themes, messages and financial implications involved.

We knew that we needed to rebuild quickly while remaining mindful of the impact of the pandemic on staff and community morale.

Through 2020 and early 2021, our business was cognizant of maintaining a positive experience, showing flexibility and empathy whilst driving an economically effective membership growth strategy.

This presentation will detail how and why this was done and the good news stories that resulted.

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