Technical Tours

Tour 1 - Murama, Wangal Walk and Newington Nature Reserve

Visit the Murama Healing Space where Aboriginal culture and Aboriginal understandings of place and connections to Country are shared and celebrated:

  • hear about arts, education and healing programs, festivals and events that have raised community awareness of Indigenous culture and connection to the local environment
  • enjoy a guided cultural walk along the Parramatta River and view the progress of the Wangal Walk interpretive installations
  • be part of a cultural experience at the Murama Dance Ground - a new piece of cultural infrastructure built with support from Create NSW

Following lunch by the Parramatta River, enjoy a guided walk with a Parklands Ecologist.

  • learn about the significance of the Newington Nature Reserve Woodlands and Wetlands Reserve, a threatened species habitat that is unusual in an urban setting
  • hear about the biodiversity management plan, ecological monitoring programs and management of threatening processes. Find out first-hand how protection of these areas is balanced against the competing demand of allowing people to experience and connect with them
  • conclude this experience with a short walk through the Narawang Wetlands, an essential habitat for the endangered Green & Golden Bell Frog
Transport: Bus & walking

Tour 2 - Newington Armory & Newington Nature Reserve Woodlands and Brickpit

This heritage-focused experience will provide participants with a fascinating insight into the history, management and adaptive re-use of key heritage precincts across the park.

At Newington Armory, the former Royal Australian Navy Armament Depot, we will:

  • explore the site and learn of the original function of the site as a military depot
  • see examples of adaptive re-use of buildings and landscape, including the heritage railway, former storehouses and workshops and staff quarters
  • learn about the Newington Nature Reserve Woodlands, a critically endangered ecological community
  • hear about Interpretive Programs and established program Partnerships

At the Wentworth Common and Brickpit precinct we will:

  • hear the stories of industry, brick making and sabotage of this former industrial site
  • see its transformation through a long term weed removal and habitat replacement program
  • hear about the success of the Park's water management and reclamation scheme
  • enjoy a short walk into the Brick Pit, primarily off limits to the public

Transport: Bus & Walking

Tour 3 - Sydney Olympic Park Sporting Venues and Sports

Sydney Olympic Park offers a unique case study of successful urban development at a post Olympic site. The Park hosted over ten million visitors and 5000 events each year before the 2021 pandemic.

During this tour participants will hear from SOPA event operations team and a number of venue managers about:

  • managing operations around the delivery of major events, with a focus on security, traffic and transport and risk management
  • dealing with the complexities of operating iconic venues, with case studies of a number of sports venue operations (including Aquatic Centre, Quay Centre, Athletics Centre and others)
  • sports engagement and sports business development across the park
  • how SOPA works with the sports sector to engage with community, deliver programs from community sports to elite and infrastructure
  • Post COVID-19 recovery plans for the venues
Transport: Walking

Tour 4 - Parklands & Playgrounds

This tour will explore the 640 hectares of Sydney Olympic Park on offer for our residents and visitors. With 3 major parklands precincts to visit this tour will take in the wide range of play spaces and community recreation facilities:

  • consider the challenges of managing public safety and maintenance
  • issues of accessibility and inclusion of walkways, cycleways and boardwalks, including managing public access to sensitive areas
  • case study of the major playgrounds across the Parklands, including successes, issues and learning
  • see recent works, works in progress and upgrades to visitor facilities across the Parklands
  • discuss the forward thinking that is required to meet the demands and pressure of a growing residential community and learn about the extensive Parklands Future Directions planning

Sites will include Blaxland Riverside Park, Wentworth Common, Bicentennial Park, Archery Centre, BMX and Mountain Cross


Stream 1 - bus & walking

Stream 2 - bike riding

Tour 5 - Sustainability and Environment Management

The Sydney 2000 Olympic Games was the catalyst for the largest land remediation project in the southern hemisphere. Today Sydney Olympic Park is a showpiece of ecologically sustainable development.

Visit a number of case study sites across the park from the stadia precinct, new residential developments, through to the extensive parklands and wetlands. Park Managers and their teams will share their experience in the delivery of:

  • environmental remediation
  • sustainable built environments
  • sustainable water management systems including water recycling
  • use of solar energy
  • wetlands management
  • ecosystem restoration
  • biodiversity protection measures
  • achieving a 6 star Green Star Community rating
Transport: Bus & Walking

Please note: It is recommended that participants please wear walking shoes and bring a sunhat.

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